Quality products for the office

In 1948 OFICA Representaciones, SA introduces in the Venezuelan paper market office products with international brands of excellent quality. Since then, the portfolio has expanded while maintaining high quality standards, to become the undisputed market benchmark in office products.

This legacy gives us the confidence to launch our own brand of office accessories in December 2004 under the name of OFICA. In 2014 the brand OFICA celebrates 10 years, a decade equipping the Venezuelan office with quality products.


Quality products for school use

SOLITA started with a pair of scissors. Traditionally the best blades in the world were made in Solingen, Germany. In 1981 Solita introduced in the Venezuelan market a school scissors with quality of Solingen, but of Italian manufacture. From there is born the name SOLITA, from Solingen-Italy. The scissors quickly became an icon and from there born our commitment to quality products for school use. Today SOLITA is much more than a scissors. It is a brand of school and didactic products.


Our mission is to accompany children with school supplies that facilitate learning and develop their creative skills.


The safety of children is very important for us. That's why we work only with suppliers who provide us with laboratory tests that certify that the components of the products are non-toxic and safe for children. At the same time, we performed laboratory tests with Bureau Veritas, which focuses on quality and safety management.


World leader in school articles and office supplies

In 1947 the company Maped: Manufacture of Articles of Precision and Design was created. Its first activity was the manufacture of brass compasses. Maped integrates the Group of Manufacturers of Stationery (GFP), Group of Economic Interest (GIE) in the 80s that mutualised its commercial resources to improve its distribution and diversify the company, integrating the production of scissors. In 1992 Maped acquires the company Mallat (rubber manufacturer) and launches the production and commercialization of erasing products. Between 1996 and 1998 Maped pursues its efforts of growth in the different markets of school accessories and framed. In the year 1999 Maped launches to the market of Creative Leisure. In 2004, the new visual identity of the Maped brand was announced. Maped currently has subsidiaries in Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Romania, the Netherlands, India.


Maped combines two approaches to the creation of its products. We reinvent an existing product by improving its use or modernizing its design. But we also regularly create new products from a collective reflection that unites Research, Marketing and Design. But we also regularly create new products from a collective reflection that unites Research, Marketing and Design.

The quality

Maped, a company that broadly integrates the industrial process, is particularly sensitive to the result, durability and regularity in the production of its products. Ensuring the quality and reliability of our products remains a priority objective. For this, our quality service intervenes from the early stages of product development to ensure that quality criteria are met.
In addition, to ensure consumer safety, we closely follow the evolution of applicable rules and regulations, and even try to anticipate them.

Brand Values

Maped protects its innovations through model deposits for its artistic creations, but also patent deposits for innovations that meet the criteria of novelty and inventiveness. Each year, several deposits are made in different product categories. School supplies: patent deposit relating to pencil sharpeners, compass but also the beginning of a ruler labeled "In Mold Labeling" and the double label "In Mold Labeling". Functional principles on staplers and punchers have been laid for office articles. And more recently, in writing articles, Maped deposited its first patent deposits for its famous 4-color Twin-Tip pen. Under the with bets associated with each project, we decided our international extensions of patent deposits: European Depot, International Deposit, National Deposit (ex: China).


High-quality writing instruments

Since 1973, Ofica has incorporated paper products from the Japanese manufacturer Pentel into the Venezuelan market. (Pencils, Mines 0.5mm Hi- Polymer, liquid ink pens, correction pen, adhesives, erasers, brushes, crayons, etc.). They were in their time innovative articles that conquered the markets by their and price-quality relation.




Harry Fellowes founded the company in 1917 with what are now the famous Bankers Box® file storage boxes. Fellowes continued to evolve as did the workspace and grew the business into new categories as technological accessories, and introducing innovative products including the first personal document shredder. Since its founding in Chicago, Illinois, it has grown worldwide in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Russia and Spain.

About us

  • Fellowes is a global manufacturer and seller of office machines, document storage solutions and technology accessories.
  • Fellowes makes it easier to work with greater security, organization and productivity.
  • Our core value is a strong commitment to quality and innovation.
  • We are guided by an enduring group of values and a strong tradition.
  • We pride ourselves on the strong and established relationships we share with our customers and suppliers around the world.

What do we do

At Fellowes®, we are dedicated to providing our consumers with workspace products and solutions that promote the creation, management, storage and protection of important information.


Products of great quality and performance

Mark of Mexican origin. Dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of writing and office articles, it has positioned itself in the Venezuelan market as a leader in these areas.


Products designed to withstand high impact jobs

High Impact Drills and Staplers. Guillotines. Pre-inked stamps.